About us

Welcome to e-Tabib

Hi, i am Dr. Jahangir Ghafoor, owner and manager of etabib. Etabib.pk is a virtual clinic brought into fruition as a virtual clinic space for all spectrum of patients who are unable to attend a physician in person. Whatever the reason may be, being to busy to attend a brick and mortar clinic, employer not giving you a short leave to go see a doctor, being shy about your problems or thinking that the question in your mind is too simple for the hassle of attending a hospital or clinic, a virtual clinic is a place for you.

  • Feel free to ask any question that you cannot ask you usually doctor because of lack of time or focus.
  • Have you ever been snubbed by doctor for asking too many questions? Believe us, we’ve been there.
  • Etabib.pk is an attempt to give us all an opportunity that we are usually denied in today’s busy clinics.

Are you having a hard time bringing your patient to hospital because of infinity or disability? Are you tired of playing doctor with your loved ones medications simply because it is very taxing to put them in an ambulance every time they need to see a doctor? Ask us online.

We also firmly believe that at times a face to face meeting with your doctor called for and for that we have a clinic located in Bahria Town.

Our services

Our services apart from online consultations include Home visits, Home sample collection for laboratory tests, Home delivery of medicine. Our collaboration is with renowed laboratories and pharmacies.