1. How is etabib.pk different from other health care related websites?

Etabib.pk was built on the foundation of a triad of health care related services. We believe that by covering these three facets of health care, a total health care package can be delivered. They are online healthcare related consultation (available for it’s clients throughout Pakistan and abroad), physical walk-in clinic (currently available for the Greater Lahore area) and home visiting services for doctors and physiotherapists (also currently available for Lahore area).

2. I have a teeny tiny question, seems too trivial and stupid, should I ask it?

a. Of course, one of the reasons for setting up etabib.pk was to offer private counselling related to health care issues. Sometimes there is a question niggling you for a long time. A physical visit to a specialist worth 2000 rupee is too much for that question and Google doesn’t answer it properly. Here we are!

b. You may want to know: I have kidney disease, are bananas good for me? Instead of ringing your specialist (without annoying him) or visiting them with a hefty fees, why not ask us? With a fraction of the cost, you will be supplied with the best answers. Consulting doctors doesn’t only have to be about medications and prescriptions. Sometimes the best treatment is a tablet of aspirin and we are never shy from telling our patients what they exactly need.

3. Is it OK to give advice without examining the patient?

a. While a clinical examination gives vital clues, about 80-90 % of a diagnosis is made on clinical history alone. With a history alone, there is enough data to commence preliminary treatment and laboratory testing. If further physical interaction is warranted, patients are promptly informed that they should physically see us or a relevant specialist.

b. Many a time the only medicine the patient requires is ‘assurance’ and the only operation required is ‘a listening ear’. We are happy to fulfil this niche perfectly.

4. How can etabib.pk supplement classic approaches to health care?

a. Suppose you want to visit your cardiologist next week for palpitations. You want to do a preliminary digging around so you can make the most of your consultation. We are here to help. You can ask us about general issues related to it and we will advise you on basic modalities and testing for this problem. We will also guide you about what to expect from you visit. We will try to take all the uncertainty away.

b. Suppose you want advice on whether to get yourself a fistula, a dialysis catheter or a renal transplant first. We can help you understand how to prioritise either or all of these procedure.

c. You can ask general question on healthy living and how lifestyle impacts your disease.

d. One facet that classical clinic visit approach fails in current era is the lack of guidance in relation to diet. One reason is lack of time and the other is lack of commitment to the issue. We are a great way for you to decide on life style changes and dietary advice relating your questions.

e. Suppose you want to know if it is healthy to crack your knuckles. We always enjoy answering general knowledge questions on human physiology and health policy in general. Suppose you want to ask about the policy related to kidney transplant in Pakistan, you will have better luck talking to us!

5. I live outside Lahore and I want to visit your clinic

As of now, we have a clinic working in Bahria Town Lahore. We are awaiting vigorous expansion in other areas of Lahore and beyond. Unfortunately, we have no partners/ subsidiaries outside of Lahore but we are working whole heartedly to achieve this goal.

6. How does a home visit work?

a. Home visits are our particular speciality. We offer visit to your homes by our well trained medical doctors, who have completed their training part of specialist medical training.

b. After attending many bed ridden patients with poor blood pressure control and fluctuating blood sugars, we realised that loved ones find it hard to bring a patient to a doctor for ‘trivial’ matters such as hypertension and glucose. They muster courage and money only when they get very sick. This contributes to a less than satisfactory blood pressure and diabetic control which cascades later into poor health and decline.

c. A home visit from a doctor is much cheaper and hassle free than bringing your patient to a doctor or a hospital.

7. You confuse us, how to get in touch with you?

We are available on facebook and twitter and above all, through our website etabib.pk or you can always call us for appointment at 0305-3336669.